We’re becoming a virtual agency.

Regardless of your industry, 2020 has been a ride. The only way to survive has been to embrace the chaos, take a flexible approach, and adapt to new ways of working. Injected Motion have found ourselves joining the trend of working from anywhere, as we become a virtual agency. 

Working from home isn’t a new concept, but it has remained a controversial topic for employers until now. The thought of team members taking conference calls in their pyjamas and enjoying extra-long lunch breaks will annoy even the most lenient of managers, but the events of the last few months have presented businesses with the question:

Can your workforce be productive outside of the office without physical monitoring?  We’ve discovered the answer is yes. 

Not only has allowing our employees to work from home increased their productivity, we’ve seen an improved work-life balance (when social lives were still a thing – thanks Covid), reduced stress, and enhanced creativity. 

We always offered flexible working policies at Injected Motion but mainly operated from our central London office in Soho. We were in the process of moving to a bigger, better, more boujee office earlier this year… which we timed perfectly with the first lockdown. After the initial “WTF is happening?!” moment, we quickly realised that physical distance between our team didn’t have a negative effect at all. In fact, our team seemed to become even more focused, more inspired, and more in sync as we encouraged them to set their own schedules and work autonomously from their homes. 

We haven’t looked back since. Daily digital check-ins keep us all aligned, we utilise collaborative working tools and we have a new level of trust between our team. Meeting time has become refined, valuable and more effective, and we are ready to embrace coworking spaces and creative members clubs for client meetings when the time is right. 

We’ll definitely miss seeing our colleagues in person every day, but we’ve realised you don’t need a boujee office when you have a connected, empowering company culture and a great team. So here’s to the future of Injected Motion. See you on Zoom!