Why explainer videos matter for your business

Written content might be crucial to maintaining a strong presence on search engines and for demonstrating thought leadership, but video content is proving itself to be more effective at conveying emotional branding. In fact, according to a report by MediaMind, consumers are 27 times more likely to click through video adverts than normal web banners, demonstrating a clear rise in the consumption of online video in ads.  

With attention spans dropping significantly, video slots into society’s wider consumption habits more neatly than long-form text documents. 

Consumers want to be moved by branded content, not just given a list of product benefits. Video gives you the perfect opportunity to do this, and explainer videos in particular.

An explainer video is a short clip which gives an overview or demonstration of a product or service, offering useful instruction and a chance to get a flavour of the brand. These videos usually last between 1-2 minutes (any longer, and you might start to lose interest), and should evoke the tone of the brand. 

Consumers love videos because they can clearly see how the product or service works without having to scroll through pages of dense text, while companies enjoy fewer support calls from confused clients. 

Show your service in action.

It’s not just animation, you can also use live action too.

Help customers understand digest information with ease.

Video can also be used to an instructional aid.

43% of marketers have found their company’s support calls have dropped since posting an explainer video, because customers now have a clearer understanding of the product.

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