Making changes in the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a turbulent time for business, but it has given leaders time to reflect and consider their current position in the market. Digital transformation has been a hot topic for years but it’s never been more relevant for companies than right now. 

We are living in a digital era, and it’s vital to have a strong digital presence. 

How can you connect with your customers and colleagues during lockdowns? Digitally. How can you target and reach new audiences? Digitally. How can you effectively advertise and sell your products? Digitally. 

Companies without digital tools in place have to act quickly or risk becoming obsolete.

We’re all fed up of hearing the term “the new normal” but we have to adapt to it, right? The new way of working, which appears to be here to stay, removes the possibility of having face-to-face meetings and building in-person connections like we used to, so we have to shift our approach and focus on building strong, trusted relationships with clients and consumers over digital platforms. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • What are your brand’s digital touch points?
  • Do they represent your business correctly?
  • How are you marketing yourself online?

If you aren’t already, you need to adapt now and start delivering consumable information via the web and social media to grab your customer’s attention. Video marketing has become increasingly popular, with 81% of businesses now using it as a marketing tool. Video content creates a powerful connection and is a great strategy to accelerate growth.

Your digital impression is THE most important thing right now, and that’s why Injected Motion are creating content that is bigger, bolder and better, to help drive your business results.